How Are You Spending Your Fall Break?

Everybody I know is either at the Georgia National Fair or at Disney World. I spent my fall break teaching Cookie School. I may not be in the happiest place on earth but I think I might have had as much fun. I love hosting girlfriends in my kitchen. I love mixing and rolling, and flooding and decorating. I love how excited everyone gets when they see they really can do something that they thought was only for the artistically gifted. I love for people to text me pictures of cookies they are making and articulating their family's reviews of their newfound passion. I'm getting kind of excited about tomorrow. We are going to shoot the Cookie School video that we have been talking about for mont

I Need Creative Help!

Lots of great things are shaking at The Cookie School. Every week I meet great new friends who share my passion for baking artwork. I love how excited my students get when they see how well they make cookies when they learn a few new tips and tricks. Recipes are easy. They are all over the internet. But often we let an obstacle like the mess we have to clean up stop us from enjoying the activity as much as we like. Most people already have an oven and a mixer and would bake more if they knew it would not take all night to accomplish the task and all next week to clean up the mess. I am currently in the stages of product development of a flavoring that will be exclusive to The Cookie School.

Science Fair at Cookie School

There ought to be a 12 step program for what is wrong with me! All I set out to do was bake cookies. So, how did I get here, trying to build a brand and endorse this product over that one? I'll tell you how. I got people. Smart People. People who are willing to tell me what I ought to do without regard to all my personal limitations. I guess that comes with the territory. My brilliant idea to train up my girlfriends so I would have a troop of volunteers to help me during my busy season somehow gave birth to the opportunity of meeting some of the nicest people ever standing in my kitchen baking cookies. If you like to bake, I am probably going to like you. So cookies have facilitated meeting

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