Got Groundhogs?

Meteorologists are not the only ones who love groundhogs. If you know any elementary learners, chances are, they will be celebrating some General Lee this week They are reading groundhog stories, making shadow puppets and googling what groundhogs eat for breakfast! If you are the best room mom in the world, you can make these easy cupcakes! They are so stinkin cute that next year's teachers will be angling to get your child in her class. Doesn't he look like he is sticking his head up through the snow, churning up a little Oreo crumbs....I mean dirt? Make your cupcakes and let them cool. Cut a plug out of the middle so your groundhog will easily go in. The groundhogs are made from fun size A

The Online Store is LIVE!

The Cookie School's online store is up and running. Especially if you are a distance learner, that is an easy way to purchase supplies you need to bake and decorate your cookies. We stock everything we recommend in the online store and it can be delivered right to your door. If you are local (Macon or Bonaire), you can avoid paying shipping and pick up in either location. Just let us know in the comment section which place is more convenient for you! Shout out to Allison Griffin, Cookie School graduate who challenged all the other graduates to bake, decorate and sell one dozen cookies to benefit PaPa. If you are unfamiliar with the story of John Knight, a 79 year old man who was living in h

What is the Shelf-Life of these Cookies?

People are always asking me this question and I typically say, "A week!" I need to rethink that answer. Don't be ridiculous. These cookies don't ever hang around long enough to actually go stale, but I have never put it to the REAL test. When I returned to my office after Christmas, I found a couple of cookies that didn't make it to their destinations before we left for the holidays, and they were sitting on my conference table. Right as I started to throw them in the trash, that same old question resonated in my head. These cookies were baked the week of December 10 and were left in my office from December 15 until now. They were sealed in the bags using the heat sealer we all love so no

Happy New Year!

Have you had enough of cookies to last you until next Christmas? Me neither. I have found that creating art out of butter and sugar only makes me want to create more art out of butter and sugar. Cookies are not just for Christmas! Something about Christmas makes us all sentimental and nostalgic and somebody, somewhere, connected Christmas memories and delicious sugar cookies. True, the first two weeks of January are usually the slowest for cookies orders. People are on diets and trying to detox from holiday indulgence. Embrace those two weeks. It is recovery time from all the baking you did leading up to Christmas Eve. But, don't relax too much. By Valentine's Day, you will be producing li

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