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The Cookie Nip Studio Kitchen is an event space in Marietta, Georgia, dedicated to the bakery arts. As warm and inviting as your girlfriend’s kitchen, we offer classes for adults and kids in decorating sugar cookies, cupcakes, petit fours, and sweet treats. While our focus is on sharing sugar skills with you, our primary goal is to create wonderful and meaningful experiences in the kitchen. If it is true that the heart of the home is the kitchen, then our legacies are built on the memories we make there. Whether you take advantage of one of our Cookie School classes, or you have a young entrepreneur who wants to learn how to earn money baking cupcakes or you just want to build your legacy by bringing your grandchild to an event to share measuring, rolling, baking and treasured conversations; we have a calendar of events for you. You are welcome to host a Candy Land, Cookie Decorating or Cupcake Wars birthday party here. Our trained decorators and sugar artists are eager to facilitate a memorable celebration for your group of friends. If your book club or Mom’s group wants to enjoy decorating cookies together, we can customize an event especially for you. We also design specific activities for corporate events. Let us add the whipped cream, sprinkles and cherry on top of your kitchen memories.


Michelle Gowan

Michelle Gowan is a retired teacher who spent decades teaching elementary gifted kids during the day and baking and decorating sugar cookies at night. She has always loved to bake and could usually find enough butter and sugar to bake up some happiness when she had a challenging day. As she approached teacher retirement, she began to worry that she was never going to get to tell anyone, anything ever again. She wanted to retire from faculty meetings and carpool duty but she wasn’t ready to give up interacting with students. The Cookie School was born about five minutes after she realized that school was going to go right on without her. Just like our grandmothers attended to domestic tasks at quilting bees, Michelle is on a mission to gather friends together to bake cookies and sweet treats for your family and your special events. She is enamored with nostalgia and appreciates the vintage tools that modern technology has replaced with more efficient, higher functioning models. She believes that our legacies are built in the kitchen through the lessons we learned from our mothers and grandmothers. She listens to rolling pins tell stories and she doesn’t think it is weird. If you want to romanticize about the greatest generation, glamorize a simpler time, appreciate the nostalgia of your grandmother’s dough bowl, or reminisce about your legacy as a baker, Michelle will indulge you. Make some coffee, grab a rolling pin, and let’s create!

Marc Lipson

Marc Lipson took a circuitous path into the bakery arts industry. He played professional baseball, owned a custom blinds and shutters business, worked as a housing contractor, coached and officiated baseball and taught high school crazy math before stumbling into a Cookie School class with his wife, Meredith. During that class Michelle was lamenting about how difficult it was to get her preferred flavoring and half-heartedly threatening to create her own blend. After he attended grad school with Michelle, he circled back to the flavor supply dilemma and volunteered his higher math skills to the problem of insufficient supply. Together they blended their favorite flavors and baked cookies with every concoction. They each took cookies to school, asking generous volunteers to eat two cookies and identify which one they liked best. They replicated this highly-scientific-elementary-science-fair-worthy-research until they had a formula that was a clear winner. Formula 11 became Cookie Nip, a buttery sweet blend of vanilla bean and salted caramel. Now fully retired from teaching, he is in charge of blending, bottling, shipping and schlepping our product and equipment to trade shows and professional baking industry events. If he is ever missing, check all the baseball fields and golf courses.
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