The Cookie Nip Story

Michelle is a baker with over 30 years of baking trials and tribulations. She has developed many ingenious tips, tricks, and secrets on how to make the most delicious, cute and reproducible decorated sugar cookies on the planet. Michelle began The Cookie School so you can learn the skills necessary to be the hit of any gathering. No longer will you be asked to bring the paper plates to "get-togethers". Michelle began the quest to create a signature flavor for The Cookie School. In June of 2017, Meredith Lipson enrolled herself and her husband Marc in the Cookie School's beginner class. Marc was impressed with the ingenious tips, tricks and secrets. As the Lipson's became friends with Michelle, the conversations usually found their way to Michelle's desire for a Cookie School signature flavor. Marc agreed to join Michelle and the two began this journey. After a year of research, development and taste tests we present.... Cookie Nip! 

Marc Lipson - Cookie Taster Extraordinaire
Michelle Gowan- The Cookie Professor
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