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The Cookie School was started in Bonaire, Georgia by a group of people who share a love of baking (and butter) and wanted to share that with everyone! Cookie School is a class that teaches you some easy hacks for baking. In class, each student receives a pan, a dozen cookies that he or she baked and decorated, recipes, methods, tips, tricks, and six hours of fun in the kitchen with new friends and the discovery of your whole tribe of bakers.


If you want a creative outlet that is as good for your soul as therapy, join us for a class! If you need to be introduced to an amazing bakery flavoring that is a butter sweet blend of vanilla bean and salted caramel, you are in the right place. If you need the company of nice people who bake, you are welcome here!

the cookie story
You can bring your own food, drinks, paper products, and decorations  (excluding glitter or confetti) or we will be happy to provide them for you. 

The Cookie Nip Studio Kitchen is invested in and dedicated to instruction in the bakery arts. During our uniquely designed camps, students will be taught how to follow a recipe, food handling and tool safety,  sugar art tips and techniques, and hot new trends in the baking industry. 


What are the benefits of baking with kids? Being in the kitchen not only introduces kids to life skills but it enriches oral vocabulary, builds math skills, develops fine motor skills, promotes social interaction, and substantiates the importance of following directions. Even better, kids love to be in the kitchen and they are eager to learn to be independent, help out with snacks and simple meals, and indulge their own creativity using things you probably have in your pantry. 


Each day is three hours of instruction and hands-on practical experience, creative expression, and delicious learning  that culminates daily in a box of treats he or she has created to take home and share. Students will bring home the recipes so that they can recreate their favorite treats.  In this immersive experience, students will increase their knowledge of the art and science of baking and food preparation safety, mixed with a ton of fun. Grab a friend and sign up for the camp that satisfies your appetite for learning! 

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