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Teachers retire but they never stop teaching. Just ask educators Michelle Gowan and Marc Lipson who double as cookie comrades and partners in crumbs. 


Gowan launched her sugar cookie kingdom decades earlier after being hounded by colleagues, family and friends to share her delectable recipes and cookie-decorating techniques. Gowan’s home quickly became a cookie classroom attracting a continuum of students of all ages eager to create their own tasty confections for every occasion imaginable. 


But Michelle’s bonafide business, incorporated as the Cookie School, hit a bump in the road when her preferred dough flavoring became increasingly more difficult to source, and as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. 

The resourceful Gowan began collaborating with Cookie School graduate and protégé Marc Lipson, a high school math teacher. Together, the pair enlisted the services of a food chemist and began researching flavorings for cookie dough and cake. Intense experimentation followed with a dizzying array of flavor combinations before the duo struck cookie gold with a cocktail for the ages to enhance their prized doughs.

And so Formula 11, christened “Cookie Nip” for its addictive quality, was born, which Michelle and Marc describe as a rich buttery-blend of vanilla bean with notes of salted caramel. Serendipitously, Cookie Nip surpassed their cookie dreams when their minions began pursuing additional uses for their prized potion. 


Fans sweetened coffee and cocktails with Cookie Nip and drizzled it in pancake mixes, ice cream and whipped cream for flavor enhancement - essentially using it in any recipe calling for vanilla. Cookie Nip also found a home in savory recipes, like in one woman’s cherished barbecue sauce, cornbread dressing, and rosemary braised potatoes.

Cookie Nip’s distinctive taste and versatility have made it one of the trendiest new flavors in the baking industry today. 


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