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FAIR WARNING: If you bring these cookies to an event or picnic, you will never get to bring the paper plates ever again.
  • What is Cookie School?
    Cookie School is a class designed especially for beginner bakers. During the six hours of instruction, you will learn to mix, roll, cut, bake, frost and decorate your own sugar cookies. In addition, you will learn tricks of the trade that will make baking easier, less messy, and more efficient. You don’t need any baking experience to qualify, but when you “graduate” you will have a pan of beautifully baked and decorated cookies to take home. You will post pictures of your cookies on Facebook and you will be the envy of all of your friends.
  • Why does it take six hours to learn to bake cookies?
    Because we have so much stinking fun! We laugh, we learn, we reminisce, we create and we meet a whole new group of creative friends who enjoy baking and decorating custom cookies. You can’t do all that quickly. You won’t even want to.
  • What do I need to bring to class?
    For the longer (six hour) classes, all you need to bring is your lunch and an apron. We will provide everything else. We recommend wearing your hair tied back. If you need baking supplies, we will have them available for purchase after class.
  • What is Grad School?
    If you have taken the beginner class and done your homework (yes there is homework because we are teachers), then you qualify to register for Grad School. In this class you will up your game to multi-step decorated cookies and learn to bake, dip and decorate petit fours.
  • How much does it cost to take the classes?
    The beginner class is $100 and includes recipes, instruction, tips, tricks, a baking pan and six hours of fun in the kitchen. Grad School is $125 and includes recipes, instruction, tips, tricks, a baking pan and six MORE hours of fun in the kitchen. The Cupcake Academy for Young Entrepreneurs is designed especially for young bakers who want to earn money selling what they produce. The lessons in business planning, market research, pricing, and financial literacy are introduced in addition to lessons on baking custom gourmet cupcakes. Students will have cupcake homework and ask friends and family to taste their product and provide feedback online.
  • Can I schedule a Cookie School class exclusively for my friends?
    Yes! We have noticed that groups of familiar friends have more fun than groups of strangers. It can tax our classroom management skills but we are equal to managing giggling, gossiping friends while remaining on task and getting all our cookies baked and decorated. If you want us to facilitate a class exclusively for your friends, book club or bridal party, just ask! We can host corporate events specifically to meet your needs. Just ask.
  • What if I live too far to travel to the Studio Kitchen in Atlanta?
    You’re in luck! The Studio Kitchen has the capacity to Livestream classes in real time! If you register as a virtual student, you can order your supply kit, and follow along in your kitchen as we learn to bake and decorate. You will be able to interact with the instructor as well as the other students in the class.
  • Are there any Cookie School classes in other locations?
    Yes! There are a number of certified Cookie School instructors teaching classes. Some have classes in their own kitchens while others will come to your kitchen! If you are looking for an in-person class outside of the Atlanta area, check the calendar for availability on our website.
  • Can I host a birthday party at the Studio Kitchen?
    Certainly. We are teachers and we love to entertain kids. We have several party themes to choose from. You can bring your own food and decorations or we can take care of the details for you. The only things we prohibit are glitter, confetti and alcohol.
  • Can I rent the studio kitchen to make my own personal baking videos?
    Absolutely. Call Marc to inquire (if he is not at a baseball field or golf course).
  • Are you hiring sugar artists and party hostesses?
    Yes! If you have taken the beginner and advanced classes and want to serve a short apprenticeship, we will certainly consider hiring you to help us with some classes and private events. If you are or ever have been a teacher, that is a plus. If you are already an accomplished sugar artist, we’d love to meet you! There is room for you on our team!
  • Are you two husband and wife?
    We are not sure why this question is asked so frequently; perhaps it is our communication style. Marc loves to tell people that we are not married, while I promptly correct him and advise that I am “very married”. Marc and Michelle are both married, just not to each other. Marc is married to Meredith and Michelle is married to David. There are currently no plans to change that dynamic.
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