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"I love it! Some flavors have an artificial taste or a bad aftertaste. This does not. It is really, really good!"  Colette Peters, Master Cake Artist and Food Network cake judge.

" This is a game changer. If I go to another competition, I will take this with me because it is a secret weapon."  Reva Alexander Hawk, 2 time Cake Wars champion and current Wedding Cake Champion, Food Network

"If you are using vanilla, you need to level up. Get this Cookie Nip. This will change your life!" Roshell Ingraham, celebrity cake artist and confectioner

"This would be yummy in almost anything!" Dominic, pastry chef at Renaissance Waverly Hotel, Atlanta

"Indescribably delicious! I use this flavoring, in lieu of vanilla, in my cookies (of course!), but I also love the sweet and salty caramel flavoring in my French toast, pecan pies, and muffins."     Selisa D, Jacksonville, FL

"Great in everything I have used it in, including coffee!"  Alishia D., Loudon, TN


"As an industry professional, I can attest to the quality of Cookie Nip. It is being used as my signature flavor in my bakery because my customers have grown to expect a flavor that is one step ahead of all the standard flavors available to bakeries."      Cory J., Sweet Evelyn's, Perry, GA



"Ever since I discovered Cookie Nip, my vanilla has been gathering dust in my cupboard. Oh. My. I had no idea I could improve my pancakes, muffins, cakes, cookies and coffee to the level it has. Sold." Lonnie, G. Omaha, NE



"My kitchen is filled with the intoxicating aroma of Cookie Nip! It is my new go-to flavoring for all my baking needs!"   Anna C., Brentwood, TN



"This liquid decadence can be added to anything... cookies, cakes, brownies, pies, pancakes, and even COFFEE! I replaced the vanilla in the icing for my homemade carrot cake cupcakes and it was amazing!"   Laurie B., Austin, TX