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Bake Your Stress Away

Mastering the art of baking can have numerous benefits beyond the delicious products of your labor; psychological research shows that baking can help reduce stress and anxiety, resulting in overall better mental health. While creative pursuits in general can help foster a sense of calm and fulfillment, baking combines precision, kinesthetics and imagination to help you stay present.

A Multisensory Experience

Baking engages all your senses, helping to promote a state of mindfulness. In fact many practitioners of mindful meditation recommend engaging the senses to stay present and prevent intrusive thoughts. Working the dough in your hands, smelling each distinctive ingredient and listening to the whir of the mixer helps keep you grounded.

A Sense of Accomplishment

Learning something new is one of the most rewarding experiences in life and baking in an ongoing learning process. Mastering a new recipe or technique helps build confidence and encourages you to keep going. With baking, the results of your hard work is tangible and appreciated by those around you.

Baking and Community

Food is one of the most intimate ways in which humans connect with each other and show love. Whether you’re baking to help the underserved in your community, to thank essential workers, or to see your family’s smiling faces, baking can uplift your spirit and the spirits of those around you. You’ll also find community in baking as you swap recipes, share pictures of your creations on social media and chat with other passionate bakers.


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