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But What If I'm NOT Artistic?

Neither am I. Fortunately, you don't have to be artistic to create these cookies. If you learned to hold a pencil or a paintbrush, you can learn to hold a frosting bag. If you ever have colored within the lines, you can make these cookies. But just like you transitioned from scribbling to coloring, the learning curve for this craft is short. In fact, I am so convinced that ANYBODY can do it, that I am hosting a friendly competition between police and fire fighters. On October 1, my class will be comprised entirely of heroes more familiar with guns and hoses than rolling pins and mixing bowls. At the end, each team will choose their best cookies to photograph and then everyone can vote! Who will end up with bragging rights? Me. Because I intend to prove that anybody can do this.

Firemen and cops have reputations that precede them, so this exercise promises to tax every bit of classroom management I have learned in my years teaching gifted children. It is also likely to be hysterical, so of course, we will be videoing it so all of you don't miss out on the antics. Be sure to watch for clips on facebook live and the video of the friendly competition between the Guns and Hoses in the weeks following. I just hope we don't set my kitchen on fire. OH....wait.


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