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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Would you eat them in a box? Would you eat them with a fox?

Everybody involved with an elementary school knows that the high holy holiday for us is March 2! Dr. Seuss' birthday! As a staple of foundational literacy and a proponent of Read Across America, Dr. Theodore Geisel is one of the most celebrated authors in history. As such, young readers celebrate his birthday by dressing up like their favorite characters and the teachers decorate the primary hall like Whoville! Of course, most celebrations involve eating green eggs and ham prepared in the classroom by The Cat in the Hat. But a birthday party wouldn't be complete without cookies.

These cat in the hat cookies are one of the simplest designs that even a beginner can make. Of course there are dozens of others that would be fitting a celebration this size but you have to start somewhere. Pipe the edges in black. Fill in with red and white. (FYI- There are five stripes PLUS the white brim. If you put only three or four stripes, you are not going to like your hats. The hat always starts with a white brim and ends with a red stripe. After drying for 48 hours, you can add the wrinkles with a food writer.

If you have already sent cookies to the school some time this year, you can be sure the teacher will be requesting cookies for March 2. If you make some other Dr. Seuss designs, please share a picture in the facebook comments so that other bakers can learn and get inspiration from you!


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