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Happy New Year!

Have you had enough of cookies to last you until next Christmas? Me neither. I have found that creating art out of butter and sugar only makes me want to create more art out of butter and sugar. Cookies are not just for Christmas! Something about Christmas makes us all sentimental and nostalgic and somebody, somewhere, connected Christmas memories and delicious sugar cookies. True, the first two weeks of January are usually the slowest for cookies orders. People are on diets and trying to detox from holiday indulgence. Embrace those two weeks. It is recovery time from all the baking you did leading up to Christmas Eve. But, don't relax too much. By Valentine's Day, you will be producing like crazy again.

If you have found that you enjoy creating sugar cookies, you should embrace that every season gives you new reasons to bake. You can always count on birthdays and babies and brides. There is no end to the need for a good sugar cookie and while you can have a party without cookies, you can't usually have a really good one. If you have some down time, experiment with snowflakes, and snowmen because they are just FUN. Before you know it, you will be making hearts and lovebirds, then Dr. Seuss' birthday, then Easter. Some cookie seasons are busier than others (graduation, team tailgating, Halloween). And if a team you support is involved in a championship; it might as well be Christmas!)

Fortunately, you don't have to put away your cookie cutters away when you pack up Christmas. There are reasons to bake every week of the year!

If you are having difficulty finding the products you need, the Cookie School's Online store is now officially OPEN! Many of you are close enough to drop by when you need a cookie cutter or some Cookie Nip, but if you are one of the long distance members of our tribe and you can't find the products you need, just browse the online store. We will ship it to you!

More good news! We have a long list of people who are getting PhD's! So, if you live too far from Bonaire to travel to learn how to bake cookies, more instructors are being added weekly so watch the facebook page so you will know if it will be offered closer to where you live!

What is the next event for which you are baking the best cookies in the world?


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