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I Need Creative Help!

Lots of great things are shaking at The Cookie School. Every week I meet great new friends who share my passion for baking artwork. I love how excited my students get when they see how well they make cookies when they learn a few new tips and tricks. Recipes are easy. They are all over the internet. But often we let an obstacle like the mess we have to clean up stop us from enjoying the activity as much as we like. Most people already have an oven and a mixer and would bake more if they knew it would not take all night to accomplish the task and all next week to clean up the mess.

I am currently in the stages of product development of a flavoring that will be exclusive to The Cookie School. That just means that the liquid gold that we all love so much but have a hard time acquiring will be available at a rate that will meet our demand. I vow that once I get my own formula, we WILL ALL HAVE IT and as much as we want. My brand new flavoring will be similar to one we all already love but will need to be marketed under a new name, obviously, The Cookie School. Every time I get a group together in my kitchen I ask what we should call it. I have had some great suggestions; cookie nip, Bunilla, Butternilla, Cookie Crack (which was immediately shot down). I like cookie nip because of the addictive properties, but I also feel like it needs to have the flavors in the name or nobody will try it. So, what do you think? Help me think of a great name for this delicious, BRAND NEW, fabulous product. Help a sister out, here. Leave me a comment or a message if you have an idea of what we will call our new flavoring.


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